Yankee Top 10 Prospects 2004-2010

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I just thought it would be fun to take a look at some old Baseball America Top 10 prospect lists, to put the current crop in some perspective. I’ll let you folks draw your own conclusions, but I for one am glad Brian Cashman took over control of Baseball Ops in 2005. That 04 list is scary bad, with the exception of a certain Yankee 2B. It’s no surprise that nobody with a good player wanted to trade with them at that time, except for the occasional Bobby Abreu salary dump or a ‘headache for headache’ Kevin Brown/Jeff Weaver type of deal. It’s also interesting how Chien Ming Wang never shows up on a top 10 list. He was a fast riser, having reinvented himself as a sinkerballer after showing mixed results previously with an expanded repertoire. It’s also worth noting that by far and away the best player on these lists (Cano) was ranked 6th the year before he was promoted, with players like Eric Duncan and Rudy Guillen ranked ahead of him, neither of whom spent a single day in the major leagues.

With all of that being said, here are the BA top 10 lists from 2004 to the present. I’d love to go back further, but unfortunately this is all I could find. BA only goes back to 2006 on their site, and I found the prior two with Google. It goes without saying that we have a better idea of how a player turned out the farther back we go, and the more recent lists are yet undefined. But the 04-06 prospect lists give us some idea of how well the Yanks have drafted,  and whether or not the players panned out. To give an idea of what each player has done in professional baseball, I’ll add career WAR next to each player’s name wherever it applies.  Do you know which player (not named Cano) has the highest career WAR on this list? No, it’s not one of those highly touted pitchers. It’s someone many fans included in every proposed deal the past few winters, who goes by the initials GGBG.


1. Dionar Navarro, C (4.7)
2. Eric Duncan, 3b/1b (n/a)
3. Rudy Guillen, of
4. Joaquin Arias, ss (-0.4)
5. Ramon Ramirez, rhp
6. Robinson Cano, 2b (18.7)
7. Ferdin Tejeda, ss (n/a)
8. Jorge DePaula, rhp (0.1)
9. Estee Harris, of (n/a)
10. Bronson Sardinha, 3b (0.0)


1. Philip Hughes, rhp (6.4)
2. Eric Duncan, 3b/1b (n/a)
3. Jose Tabata, of (2.0)
4. C.J. Henry (n/a)
5. Austin Jackson, of (3.8)
6. Eduardo Nunez, ss (-0.1)
7. Marcos Vechionacci, 3b (n/a)
8. Christian Garcia, rhp (n/a)
9. Jeff Marquez, rhp (-0.1)
10. Tyler Clippard, rhp (1.1)


1. Philip Hughes, rhp (6.4)
2. Jose Tabata, of (2.0)
3. Dellin Betances, rhp (n/a)
4. Joba Chamberlain, rhp (7.4)
5. Ian Kennedy, rhp (2.8)
6. Chris Garcia, rhp (n/a)
7. Tyler Clippard, rhp (1.1)
8. J. Brent Cox, rhp (n/a)
9. Mark Melancon, rhp (0.3)
10. Brett Gardner, of (8.6)


1. Joba Chamberlain, rhp (7.4)
2. Austin Jackson, of (3.8)
3. Jose Tabata, of (2.0)
4. Ian Kennedy, rhp (2.8)
5. Alan Horne, rhp (n/a)
6. Jesus Montero, c (n/a)
7. Jeff Marquez, rhp (-0.1)
8. Brett Gardner, of (8.6)
9. Ross Ohlendorf, rhp (1.9)
10. Andrew Brackman, rhp (n/a)


1. Austin Jackson, of (3.8)  
2. Jesus Montero, c (n/a)  
3. Andrew Brackman, rhp (n/a)  
4. Austin Romine, c (n/a)  
5. Dellin Betances, rhp (n/a)  
6. Zach McAllister, rhp (n/a)  
7. Alfredo Aceves, rhp (1.5)  
8. Phil Coke, lhp (1.8)  
9. Mark Melancon, rhp (0.3)  
10. Bradley Suttle, 3b (n/a)


1. Jesus Montero, c (n/a)
2. Austin Romine, c (n/a)
3. Arodys Vizcaino, rhp (n/a)
4. Slade Heathcott, of (n/a)
5. Zach McAllister, rhp (n/a)
6. Manny Banuelos, lhp (n/a)
7. Gary Sanchez, c (n/a)
8. J.R. Murphy, c (n/a)
9. Jeremy Bleich, lhp (n/a)
10. Andrew Brackman, rhp (n/a)


1. Jesus Montero, c (n/a)
2. Gary Sanchez, c (n/a)
3. Dellin Betances, rhp (n/a)
4. Manny Banuelos, lhp (n/a)
5. Andrew Brackman, rhp (n/a)
6. Austin Romine, c (n/a)
7. Hector Noesi, rhp (n/a)
8. Eduardo Nunez, ss/3b (-0.1)
9. Slade Heathcott, of (n/a)
10. Brandon Laird, 3b (n/a)

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