Derek's new digs

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Jan 222011

It’s been a busy week for Derek Jeter’s real estate broker. Earlier this week we heard that Yankee captain Derek Jeter is selling his Trump Tower penthouse for a mere 20 mil. I’ll guess with that huge pay cut he took he’s going to have to stay at the local YMCA when the team is in town. Now, we learn that from Tampa Bay Online that Derek’s new home in Tampa is finished. At first blush it may seem a big, but its my understanding he plans to rent it out for weddings during the season.

“You know what’s the great thing about living on the water? You only have a**holes on three sides of you. And if they come from that way, you can hear them splash”-George Carlin

Apparently, Derek’s favorite story as a child was ‘Three Little Piggies’

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a rusted out 72 Ford Pinto on wheel blocks in front of this joint?

Hey! What happened to the 10 foot wall the community board was screaming about?

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  1. What an ugly home.  (Quote)

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    Tom Swift Reply:

    I doubt that a big custom house like that can be resold for what it cost to built it — too idiosyncratic. And can you imagine the air conditioning bills?  (Quote)

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    Craig Reply:

    Haha, if you’re even looking at houses like this you’re not worried about A/C bills. Its like the guy who buys a Ferrari is not mulling over the premium grade (or higher, who knows?) gas he has to put in it.  (Quote)

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  2. I’d do the same if I had his money and his life. I’m sure he’s made room for his mom and dad too. Good man, good son, great Yankee!  (Quote)

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    max Reply:

    I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.  (Quote)

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  3. This says so much. Perfect illustration of what’s wrong with the game.  (Quote)

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    Damian Reply:

    Well I don’t know. A guy who has a tremendously successful 15+ year career with the best team in the league over that period of time is going to accumulate a lot of money, and turn that money into some excessive luxuries. I don’t think it shows that there’s anything wrong with the game. Most ballplayers and ex ballplayers probably live in much more normal houses. Guys like Jeter are the exception.  (Quote)

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    Jd Reply:

    When I was a kid even the exceptional players had to work in the offseason. That was probably wrong in the sense that they deserved more. However, tickets were affordable and families could go watch the games. We are now at the other end of the extreme. Most families can’t afford to go watch this guy play. The excess is troubling. I am a believer in free markets but something is wrong. Jeter ismy favorite athlete, maybe ever, but the way he conducted the last set of contract negotiations gave me pause, especially after a down year.  (Quote)

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  4. Is it just me or is it painted in Yankee colors  (Quote)

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