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Maury Brown checks in with a tidbit on a rule change that I only learned about last night:

Brian Wilson had barely gotten the last out in the deciding Game 5 of the 2010 World Series, when MLB’s Hot Stove season began in earnest. As 2010’s season ends, the information passed on by the MLB Players Association shows that baseball season really never ends.
Following the final out of the 2010 World Series, the below 142 players became free agents pursuant to Article XX B (2) of the Basic Agreement.
Per recent changes to the free agent provisions of the Basic Agreement, the exclusive negotiating period for free agents and their current clubs has been shortened to 5 days (from 15 days). Beginning the sixth day, free agent players are eligible to negotiate and sign with any Club.

This means that free agents can sign with new clubs starting on Sunday, such that it seems likely that Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera actually get to free agency. However, it seems pretty clear that both will sign, so the shorter deadline is more relevant in terms of targeting players from other teams. Click through to see the list of 142 free agents. I went through the list and picked out the players that I could see the Yankees at least kicking the tires on, depending on how some of the dominoes fall:

Derrek Lee
Ty Wigginton
Xavier Nady
Joe Beimel
Will Ohman
Hiroki Kuroda
Brian Fuentes
Ron Mahay
Pedro Feliciano
JC Romero
Jayson Werth
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Jake Westbrook
Joaquin Benoit
Carl Crawford
Cliff Lee
John Buck
Scott Downs

Most of this list is made up of lefty relievers and right-handed bats for the Marcus Thames role. There are only a few bigger names, with Cliff Lee obviously the most significant prize.

Did I miss anyone? Is there anyone who you would remove from this list?

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  1. What about the Yankees players?

    Derek Jeter, Pettitte, Mo  (Quote)

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  2. Yorvit Torrealba. Who I happen to like a lot if Montero is not available  (Quote)

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    T.O. Chris Reply:

    Doesn’t strike me as a good sign when we have Posada (more expensive) and Frankie (less expensive) catching until Montero gets called up mid season, if someone goes down Cashman seems to love bringing back Moeller until his catchers come back but between the 3 I imagine 2 will be healthy at once.

    Yorvit isn’t very good with the bat and I don’t think Cervelli is as bad behind the plate as a lot do because he caught pitchers with some very high leg kicks and slow times to the plate so I just don’t see room for a light highting catcher with the guys we have and Montero going to play at some time this year.  (Quote)

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  3. I like Scott Downs but I think he is going to want a 2-4 year deal and I think he is going to push for the 3+ and I’m just not comfortable giving middle relievers and especially lefty relievers multiple year deals at any time yet alone when they are in their mid 30s.

    Jaquin Benoit is an interesting pitcher to look at but he has only really had the 1 good year and is in his 30s already, now maybe he is just a late bloomer and he carries his numbers on but I would assume he doesn’t and would do no better than a 1 year deal dirt cheap.

    Will Ohman might not be a bad sign to be a strict left on left reliever but I think you get better value with a Fuentes type who has closed out ballgames before.

    If Hairston Jr’s leg is fully healed after the break I wouldn’t mind having him again but his addition probably means Nunez or Pena doesn’t have a role on the team but if one got traded in a deal maybe room opens up.  (Quote)

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