We can agree on that, right? I mean my Mo did the Yankees look terrible over the weekend or what?

First there was the 18 men left on base on Friday night after a blown save by Joba.

Then there was the comeback on Saturday, followed by a rare Mariano Rivera outing in which he seemingly had no idea where the ball was going (has that ever been said about him ever?).

Then there was the two hit performance on Sunday–at least one of those hits was an authoritative double by Derek Jeter.

The only good thing I can say about this entire series is that I’m glad it’s over and they still have a half game lead in the A.L. East and a big lead in the wild card race. The magic number also went down, which is nice. Obviously, it doesn’t get any better or easier this week as the Yankees face the Rays.

After these three games, the Yankees could be at best 3.5 games up or at worst 2.5 games down. Either way, I’m alright with that. If they’re 3.5 up, they’ll have something to build on during the next week, as well as during the four game set with Tampa in New York the week after this. If they’re down 2.5 after the series, they still have plenty of time to make that up, especially with Tampa coming to town.

As of the writing of this post, both the Yankees (98.7) and Rays (99.2) have essentially locked up playoff spots. The goal from here on out is to get healthy and stay that way.

Bottom line: this weekend was an awful weekend for the Yankees. Just about everything that could’ve gone wrong–save for massive injuries–did go wrong. Still, as I said, the Yankees are still in first and the magic number came down over the weekend. The Yankees are still in great position and we should realize that the pitching rotation come playoff time will not look like the rotation from this series. The lineup won’t be as it was today either. We’ll obviously see Gardner, Swisher, and Rodriguez back in there. Yes the Yankees have lost five of six and they looked terrible but they also just recently won eight in a row. Still, my confidence isn’t horribly shaken. I have faith that the Yankees can recover and when Andy Pettitte returns, things will look a lot sunnier.

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  1. At this point , I feel it don’t matter if we get the first place spot or not… if it means resting everyone that is hurting or slumping from fatigue or anything else lets take the wild card get full bore healthy, super rest Mo and the pen..tell girardi joba is not the eighth inning guy..leave javy in the pen with phil in the playoffs.. hopefully and i feel pettitte comes back.. you go with CC, Andy Nova, AJ , CC first round.. lets get all the troops post season ready..look at fast we fell apart since balt series, after this series lets find three days off in a row for robbie..we will not win without his bat being strong.. it may not be a popular thing to say lets not worry about first place..but the most paramount thing is to win in post season..and right now this team is beaten down in every aspect..  (Quote)

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  2. regular season maybe the worst,,red sox coming back in 04 worst embarrassment hands down .. i also happen to think of last year vs the nationals and getting humiliated..  (Quote)

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  3. We really need Burnett to come up big. As of now, we are running with CC and anybody we can dig up. If Burnett returns to give us a good 1-2 in our rotation and Andy comes back halfway decently, I’d feel a lot better. But righ now, we’re scraping.  (Quote)

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    bornwithpinstripes Reply:

    you are so on target,AJ, we own for three more years, CC will line up with the #1 guy always, so those games are toss ups, but with AJ being # 2 or #3 we should have a big edge every time out. those games are usually more important than game 1..If this guy gets his act together and keeps us in the game 2, 3 runs 7 innings we will win 9 0f 10 times.our pen after that is shut down..of coarse when rested..if andy comes back which i feel he is AJ will be three, but right now the way he is Nova is my #2 no question.. and my choice for getting a start before AJ in a big game..javy never gets a start for the yanks again’s the pen and then season over and just another bad memory..he should go pitch in SD and have a nice career.  (Quote)

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