Sep 142010

Um, yeah. About that game last night…

First, I feel bad for CC Sabathia. He pitched incredibly. I didn’t see most of the game because I was at class but what I did see from him was great. He pitched the way he always does and deserved better than a no decision. To be fair, David Price pitched just as well and the same could be said for him. Sadly, what happened after both men exited might just garner more attention.

Let’s start with Brett Gardner. Seriously, dude? What the hell were you thinking? There is absolutely no defense for his running mistake. Moving from second to third with two outs when you’re the go ahead run offers basically no advantage. The only way Gardner should even thinking of moving up on that play is if there’s a balk, wild pitch, or passed ball. Otherwise, stealing shouldn’t even enter his head. Gardner is usually on his own, so I’ll place the blame on him, but if that call came from the bench then that’s a huge brain fart by the coaching staff. Even if Gardner had made it to third safely–which he kind of almost did–that’s still a bad play. There is no need to take that risk, considering an out wouldn’t net a run. Gardner is fast enough to score from second. Again, moving to third there gives the Yankees no big boost.

Then there’s the fact that Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre ended up pitching in this game. I’ll grant Gaudin a little leeway since he did get out of the mess he created. Still, though, he should not have been in. The same goes for Mitre, but apparently not all of Girardi’s relievers were available tonight. In that case, though, he should’ve gone to Wood for more than one inning and to Logan for more than one batter.

Ultimately, the blame does fall on Sergio Mitre for giving up a home run to Reid Brignac, but it’s annoying that he was even in that position. Still, though, that wasn’t my least favorite thing about this game, especially considering there were some relievers who were not available. The thing that upset me most last night was the Curtis Granderson sacrifice bunt. Shall I list the reasons why? Well I don’t see why not.

1. I hate bunting.
2. Curtis Granderson has a .238 IsoP and a .351 wOBA against right handers in 2010.
3. Curtis Granderson has a .376 career wOBA against right handers.
4. I hate bunting.
5. Colin Curtis was the on deck batter.

Those are all good reasons NOT to bunt in that situation, yet Joe Girardi still called for the bunt. The worst reason is number five. There is no way ANYONE on the Yankees–except maybe Ramiro Pena–should be bunting to get to Colin Curtis. To make matters worse, Curtis swung at the first pitch and flew out to right field, meaning Derek Jeter wold have to get a hit for the run to score. That’s a tough job to put on anyone, let a lone a guy who’s been struggling like Jeter has.

Last night sucked. But, the best thing about baseball is that the Yankees get a chance to wipe the taste out of their mouths and our mouths in just a few hours. Hopefully, we see some better managing and smarter baseball by the men in pinstripes.

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2 Responses to “What the What?”

  1. Brett did run on his own and admitted to beat writers, so that was a brain fart. Brett is fast as heck but his running instincts are good but not great; we’ve seen him hesitant to run in some must-run situations and occasional brain farts like last night. It’s happened here and there, but not too often thankfully.

    Bullpen decisions were made that way because he was apparently really shorthanded(no DRob/Joba) and don’t trust Albie(me neither) and he just doesn’t want to use Javy(perhaps scheduled to start next week? I have no faith in him these days anyways).

    I am not too upset about the Wood/Logan choice. Wood has been heavily worked lately as well and a lefty was coming up. We are just an older team that has had to use bullpen heavily this year due to inconsistent starting rotation (Moseley/Mitre/Javy/AJ and to some extent Hughes in second half) so I’m not too upset that Joe is choosing to rest them somewhat liberally given our overwhelming chances to make the playoffs.

    Absolutely agree on the bunt, it was a terrible idea in that situation because of personnel. He’s shorthanded on relievers and trying to deliver a quick blow and go to Mo to finish it out, which makes sense to me. He just needs 1 run and we know bunt with 1 on and no out does improve chance for that 1 run but not when you are bunting with the superior player and leaving RISP situation to a rookie guy who hasn’t hit all that well. I think if he had another RF on the bench, pinch hitting with Miranda for Curtis would have made the decision defensible in my mind. Amazing that we have all the September call-ups and we are still short on bench guys, uh? Get well soon, Gardner and Swish.  (Quote)

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  2. Matt ,I do not blame Mitre..girardi called his #, girardi is the guy…Albi, hughes , robertson.and all the kids that did not get a shot in AAA call up, a lefty any lefty to come in .. i rather have anyone else but gaudin and then mitre back to back.. if the pen is short or burnt thats girardi fault not mitre or anyone else..why didn’t he bunt in the eighth, pinch run for twinkle toes posada, no ,swing into a DP. girardi zigs when he supposed to zag..swisher pinch hitting the dragged his leg to first like a wounded animal.. so much for resting him..just make it worse.. if we don’t win it all this year, the best that will come out of it will be ,girardi goes to chicago..  (Quote)

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