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There’s been a lot of talk about the American League Cy Young Award out there lately. The media is pumping CC Sabathia and David Price as the two main candidates, but there’s a good amount of people (myself and probably a few of you) who think that Seattle’s Felix Hernandez should be the winner.

There’s also been significant talk about the National League and it’s three horse MVP race: Joey Votto, Albert Pujols, and Carlos Gonzalez. Because of all that talk, the once hot American League MVP talk has died out a bit. When it was last a popular discussion point, the three main candidates were Josh Hamilton of Texas, Miguel Cabrera of Detroit, and our own Robinson Cano of New York.

Let’s stack up the candidates side by side, going alphabetically:

.335/.429/.631, .436 wOBA, 177 wRC+, 6.2 fWAR, 6.5 bWAR

His case: He’s basically carried the Tigers all year long and has absolutely raked in the process. I presume he’ll get the vote from the northern writers since they see him most, but it’s not as if this will be a case of regionalism. Cabrera has been so incredibly impressive with the bat, and after that series in New York, we Yankee fans are all too familiar with his talents.

.316/.376/.534, .387 wOBA, 146 wRC+, 5.9 fWAR, 6.0 bWAR

His case: Cano hasn’t quite stayed as hot as the other two, but he’s got something the other two don’t; he plays on the team with best record of the contenders. Though they shouldn’t do this, the writers do take a player’s team into consideration when looking at his MVP case and being on the Yankees should help Cano, given their winning ways. He’s been the team’s most consistent hitter and has hit at an incredible level for a second baseman.

.361/.414/.635, .449 wOBA, 184 wRC+, 8.0 fWAR, 6.1 bWAR.

His case: He’s the best player on the surprise team of the league that just about everyone seems to love. If there’s one guy that can capture a national audience in terms of voters, it’s Hamilton. He’s a great talent, he’s got a good back-story, and he’s on a good team. That’s the triple crown of MVP candidacy.

Did I leave anyone out? What do you think?

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  1. Don’t think you left anyone out. Plus I agree that Josh Hamilton has a good chance of winning it, if he keeps playing as well as he was before the injury – not because he is the “Most Valuable Player” but because of those ‘intangibles’ he has on his side.
    [“…He’s a great talent, he’s got a good back-story, and he’s on a good team…”]
    Now… I not one of those people who agrees with you in the Cy Young business. I really believe CC Sabathia should be the one to win it. Either him or Price.
    But if the voters end up giving the ALCY to Felix Hernandez, does anyone agree with me that there is a chance CC might get the MVP instead?
    I’m not familiar with the mechanichs of theese votes, (if the same writers vote on both awards, if they know the result of one vote before casting the next one…) but I feel no voter in his right mind would let CC finish this great regular season without any hardware to show for it.
    Plus, none of the players mentioned to be in the race for the MVP have kept a high playing standard all season long. Cano was great in the first few months, but has slown down. Cabrera just as well, and I do believe that playing for a bad team does hurt his chances. And Hamilton’s backstory, which might help him, might also hurt him.
    Sabathia, on the other hand, has been just great all season long. I don’t think he has lost two decisions in a row.  (Quote)

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  2. You left out Beltre, he’s a very solid candidate.

    I fully support revving up the Cano for MVP hype machine. I don’t think he’s the best option, and I’ll continue to admit it, but it would be fun to see him win.  (Quote)

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  3. Beltre and Crawford probably deserve a mention, but I don’t think either of them should win.  (Quote)

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