Aug 042010

Alright so the Yankees lost REALLY ugly last night. Here’s what was going through my head while the game was going on:

–As someone who loves baseball, it was at least a little cool to watch Romero work. He pitched excellently last night and had the Yankees totally off balance. This isn’t to say that they didn’t help him by swinging early in the count, but Romero just owned them.

–Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter can start being Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter any time now. Both guys have OBPs below .340. And, as Steve said in the comments of my Jeter article yesterday, maybe it’s time to think about dropping Alex down in the lineup as well. Perhaps it’ll take a bit of pressure off of Alex’s back if he and Cano swap places until A-Rod heats back up.

–In a similar vein to what I just said, what would you guys offer Jeter in the offseason? At this point, I think I’d rather overpay in money to be able to go short on years. I’d bite a 3/50-55 bullet, but I’d prefer 2/40.

–Dustin Moseley did a better job than his line will suggest. The last homer he gave up was the only real mistake that he made and I absolutely loved all the groundballs he was getting at the beginning of the game.

–Michael Kay made a comment that I hope was sarcastic about not knowing we have muscles in our thumbs. Once a game, Kay says something along these lines that makes him look so incredibly stupid. I have to think he’s doing this on purpose.

–And, finally, in non-A-Rod Milestone news, we’re still waiting on Austin Kearns’s first Yankee hit.

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  1. A couple things:
    Teix was mired in a career worse slump, and yet Joe G. didnt budge and move Teix down from the 3 hole. Joe isnt going to treat Alex any different. At first it was just bad luck, but now he’s missing his pitches out right. We should root for a 2-4 game before a hr that really doesnt turn the page on a slump if he Ks the 3 other at bats.

    I cant imagine giving DJ anything beyond 2 seasons. The hitting skills have eroded. Aging su@ks, especially in front of 40000 fans nightly.  (Quote)

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  2. kay is terrible..often during the game he sounds odd..lets get kaat back and send kay to the mets  (Quote)

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  3. The problem is that the whole team isn’t hitting. Look at their hits over the last 5 games. Can’t win with 2-5 hits a game, every day. It’s amazing that they were even in all of these games.

    They may have just run into a string of good, young, hungry pitchers. But they need to find a way to win more of these.

    But, a big bustout is near!  (Quote)

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  4. If Jeter finishes as poorly as most of 2010 has gone, two years absolute max. He’ll turn 38 during that second year, too old to play SS even then likely. With 1st base locked in for another five years, Alex locked in for another seven(!), likely to become the DH in a few short years, there is no place else to put Jeter. Any more than two is insanity, and I’d prefer one, get the 3000th hit in Pinstripes, say thank you and wave goodbye.  (Quote)

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