Aug 252010

There are a few things bouncing about in Yankee land, and here’s what I think of them…

First off, after last night’s performance, how much longer does Chad Gaudin have in pinstripes? I feel like we’ve asked this question at least five times, yet Gaudin’s still survived. I’d have no problem with getting rid of Gaudin and recalling Jonathan Albaladejo. This could also free up a 40-man spot if the Yankees want to add anyone before September 1st. It also could clear roster space if the Yankees make a late waiver trade…

…because they’re apparently interested in Hiroki Kuroda. This wouldn’t be a bad move, even though his salary for the rest of the year, about $2.7M, as it could help solidify the rotation and could, as reader Jamal said last night, he could become the Yankees best right handed starter because…

…Javier Vazquez will have his next start skipped in favor of Ivan Nova. This may be a little too soon on Nova, but with the way Javy has pitched of late, it’s hard to argue with. Acquiring another SP through a waiver trade, however unlikely, would be an improvement. While Nova did pitch well and could do the same going forward, a rotation that includes both he and Dustin Moseley is a little shaky. Hurry back, Andy!

The bullpen may also be getting another boot after Alfredo Aceves did some rehab work in Trenton last night. Mike Ashmore told me last night that Ace’s curveball was looking very good and his command was solid while he sat at 88-90 MPH. If Ace can come back in September, that’ll help the Yankees tremendously. It gives them another reliever who can go multiple innings, and that could help rest the starters down the stretch.

If Aceves does return and is effective, it could lead to a roster crunch/competition come playoff time. A Damaso Marte return also complicates this, considering how well Boone Logan has pitched lately. My guess is that the guy who is pitching worst of Mitre/Moseley/Gaudin will be gone–hell, maybe both of them will be–while Aceves and Marte stay on for the playoffs.

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  1. I have little reason to believe Ivan Nova will NOT be a very good starter for us the rest of the season.He’s certainly a better choice than Javy who cannot, will not beat a good team.
    As far as Dustin Mosely goes, I’d take him over JAvy also.he seems to know how to pitch, fields the position very well, throws 88-91 which is pretty much where JAvy is BEST CASE and has a limited enough background that we can still expect possibly some more arm strength and continued bite on his solid breaking stuff.
    Bottomline: Nova looks like a competitor has a lot of expereince as a professional baseball player, plenty of moxie and a live arm. I’ll take my chances with him and hope he’s finally developed. I think he has.  (Quote)

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    T.O. Chris H Reply:

    All young player go through hiccups so to not expect Nova to struggle in his very first go round with a major league rotation is a little naive IMO, he looks like he will be a good players and he has a good arm that is for sure but I don’t think you can just say 100% he’s in the rotation the rest of the way.

    I really doubt Mosley adds anything to his fastball he is 28 and he has had big league experience before at the same velocity that he has now so I wouldn’t be holding out hope that he will add any velo at this point.

    To me if you don’t get Javier back to the rotation you might as well DFA him, the club won’t do it and there is nothing to gain from designating him but if he can’t get back into the rotation over Mosley and Nova then he isn’t going to be used in the postseason anyway and coming out of the pen he really isn’t that useful, the only way I even see him getting into games right now out of the pen (with Wood, Joba, Logan and Robertson looking good) is in blowouts one way or the other and the team already has Gaudin and Mitre for that. How many long men that you can’t trust do you need in 1 pen?

    It is imperative that we find a way to get Javy performing and back in the rotation before all is said and done or else you might as well just leave him off the postseason roster period and go with a guy like Mosley.

    Long fall from grace for Javy eh? Looking at his fastball velocity trends when we traded for him I thought his vvelocity was going to dip but I figured he would be averaging 90 on the gun (I never thought he would average 91) not 89.1 MPH.

    Also from what I have read Cashman doesn’t seem likely to acquire anyone to put in the rotation and he has said that he isn’t even looking at or paying attention to Kuroda, could be posturing but in this scenario we seem to have enough older starting pitchers we don’t need to add another 35 year old coming from the NL.  (Quote)

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  2. Gaudin is there to eat low leverage innings in a long relief role. Albaladejo is no longer viewed by the organization as a multiple inning guy so there is very little chance that Gaudin would be swapped out for Alby. Cashman has also said that they are happy with Mosely as a starter and don’t plan to put a claim in for Kuroda.

    I’d be surprised if Gaudin isn’t with the team through the end of the regular season and I’m fine with that. There is value to having a guy around that you can abuse a bit if need be especially prior to when rosters expand. Do you think they would have wanted to throw any of their main guys or even a prospect out there for 5 innings in two days and then call on him again for a multiple inning stint so quickly? I doubt it. Aceves wouldn’t be ready for that. A tired arm might even be to blame for his poor performance last night. And who really cares if he gives up a few runs when the lead was so large to begin with.  (Quote)

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