In the 5th inning of today’s game, which is still underway, Marcus Thames pinch-hit for the Yankees’ designated hitter, Nick Johnson. In the 6th inning, we learned that Johnson had been pulled due to a “sore right wrist.” Now, this could be a big problem for the Yankees given that Johnson played in 38 games in 2008, only to miss the rest of the season after tearing a tendon in the same right wrist (I’ve written about it before). Johnson has also missed some time earlier in his career – 2003 and 2002 – with similar right wrist issues. We’ll have more info on this as it becomes available.

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  1. Ugh…this really sucks. Out of all the things that could have gone wrong…sheesh, I thought playing ever day would allow Johnson to stay healthy everyday. Lets see too recap:

    Nick Johnson’s wrist is “sore” this could be pretty big, I kinda wanted Matsui back because his problems seemed to be with his knees…while he never was fast so long as he DHed the worst he would have to do is trot around the bases when he laces a double opposite field. I’m hoping Johnson’s wrist is fine and the baseball gods forgive him of whatever sins he committed against them. Before I get called a pessimistic asshole (true) or labeled a troll (not true) read the rest of what I have to say.

    Curtis Granderson an athletic young outfielder who I thought was going to explode, gets hurt

    Jorge Posada day to day with I forget what

    Andy Petttitte has a sore elbow

    Robinson Cano, day to day after Bitchett beans him.

    Javier Vazquez is sucking massive ass.

    So forgive me for being pessimistic.

    Given that AJ and Phil along with a few hitters are performing way over their heads, yet still well, if a few of these don’t work themselves out posthaste this team’s in trouble. Tampa might lead the AL in RA (well, finish last in RA…after all they may allow the fewest runs of all the AL) and that’s a serious threat…they might learn how to play baseball again up north too…you never know. Once a few of the heroes come back to earth this team may be in trouble…sure Alex and Teixeira will start hitting again, but losing players near the quality of Posada, Granderson, Cano, Pettitte, and Johnson will hurt any team…especially a team that has this year’s version of Javier Vazquez on the mound.

    After reading C-$$$’s comments on NoMaas about the Winn signing, I readily admit I was wrong…Winn was a solid pick up and he may be important so that the Yankees can put together a decent defense in the OF now that Granderson is out. I still wanted Reed instead of Thames…you could have signed both Reed and Thames.  (Quote)

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    old fan Reply:

    Well, Omar, with one exception-(which I will point out), I have an entirely different take on the facts, which you so expertly laid out. I view the fact that the Yanks are performing so well with so many nagging injuries a Good sign for the team. So far, all those injuries have been of the minor, or medium range. Many times the effect of injuries is immediate on a team –they lose. No season ending injuries (knock on wood) yet. No 3 or 4 month problems, etc. Things can change tommorrow. I say this not knowing how Robbie’s knee is. If that is a biggie, I’m right there with you. Every team has problems of this nature, maybe the team is getting theirs out of the way early. The team does have a fair amount of depth, too, and we all know how the Yanks can get someone if they need them.

    The one exception is Nick J. I’m tired of harping that he is the most fragile and injury prone player I have seen in 50 yrs of watching baseball. He is simply not a dependable option–never was. He will not be there when the team needs him, more times than not. J. Miranda, Montero, or Lance Berkman anyone?  (Quote)

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    Jay Reply:

    I think you guys are overreacting a bit here. Nick Johnson is an injury waiting to happen, but as old fan said, none have been season ending yet. No one in the Yankee organization expected to go through this season without some injuries. I think it speaks for the Yankees player development that they have guys that can step in and pick up a bit of the slack for Posada, Pettitte, etc… Mitre has looked great, and people forget last year he was recovering from TJ still. He could step in in a pinch. Ace could step in an be a starter. Burnett seems to have learned to pitch a little differently; his K/9 is way down, but so is his walks. The outfield defense is very good, Gardner seems to have become the Yankees version of Jacoby Ellsbury and could probably lead off and push Jeter back to the two spot. Cano has a bump on his knee. I’m not trying to downplay a deep bruise, but if he misses three games it’s not the end of the world.

    Regarding Nick Johnson, I’m not a fan but having someone who was getting on base 40% of the time is a very productive hitter, regardless of the batting average. And as was said, ARod and Tex are just getting warmed up.

    What I am saying is this team is playing well because it’s a damn good team. Their lineup is so deep, they don’t have to run out and deal for Berkman (who is very injury prone himself lately), or call up Montero or Romaine; the former got hurt last night and the later is learning to call a game in AA, but neither are ready anyway. Everyone needs to step back off the ledge, take a deep breath, and enjoy. Tampa is playing great, but they also have played a tremendously weak schedule thus far. Look at who the Yankees have played. And look at when the Yankees faced the Rays, the Yankees won that series in Tampa Bay.

    Chill-ax  (Quote)

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    old fan Reply:

    Jay, if your comment is in reference to my post overreacting, you did not read or understand what I said. Read it again.

    On Nick Johnson, it seems like you have fallen for the on base propaganda. 40% of nothing is nothing. As a fan, I do hope he has a career (or even a “good”) year, and gets a bases loaded walk to win the Series for us, but I don’t expect it. My expectations is that he is in and out of the lineup all year, potentially hurting the team getting into and maintaining winning patterns. If he’s healthy and plays, sure –he will have good games, and will contribute. He is simply not dependable to keep on being healthy, or being there for a key series. Just when you get used to him filling a role (DH and # 2 hitter), he will get hurt. The saving grace is that other people can step into his slots and perform, short term. If he’s out for awhile, we will have to bring someone up, or get someone. Thames is a platoon player even at DH, but playing Posada more at DH, with the continued rotation of veterans, has much merit.

    The team is playing great, with confidence, and both the veterans and the young or new fill-ins have the poise of defending champions. And the defense and starting pitching are great! This is a great time to be a Yankee fan.  (Quote)

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    old fan Reply:

    Also, Jay, how can you knock the Yankees getting Berkman to be the DH the rest of the season? He is infinitely better than Nick a hitter. He has just about the same on base % as NJ, in far more AB’s, and he may actually play to achieve it this year. He is a much better hitter, with much, much more power. I could see Berkman getting key hit after key hit for the Yankees. He is just about done with baseball, and would welcome the chance to be in a final playoff run. And he is starting to disturb the Houston GM with public comments, so may be available for a reasonable price. The Astros are prime candidates for a fire sale this summer.

    Also, where is your romance with Yankee history? The Yanks have frequently dipped into the NL for aging stars to fill key roles in pennant drives. Johnny Mize, Enos Slaughter, David Justice, and more. (NJ was never a “star”)

    How could you possibly dismiss or be be happier with the fragile, always injured, passive swinging Nick J. over Lance Berkman as DH?

    Valid arguments for bringing up Montero, Miranda, using Posada more, etc. for DH all have high merit. But, in a decision between just NJ (playing 50-70% of time)or Berkman (playing 85-90% of time)?  (Quote)

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  2. let’s not be shocked by nick’s injury…. get romine or montero up, make posada dh, also give breaks to the other guys when posada catches as back up.bring his total to 80 games. so long nick…  (Quote)

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